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bachor, contemporary ancient mosaics, Chicago

Included in Timeout Chicago's list of the city's greatest public art.

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Pink Panther Flakes

Pink Panther Flakes

18” x 24” 
Marble and Smalti

The sixth and final cereal featured in the “Jentaculum” series was determined by a folks who had signed up for my mailing list at (You should go do that now, I’ll wait here.) ”Pink Panther Flakes” beat out “Sir Grapefellow” (a grape (!) flavored cereal) by two votes. I was pulling for Grapefellow to pull it out. If i was a better Chicagoan I would have rigged the election. But 12 years of Catholic school kept me from tampering with the ballot box. The background in this one is based on the richly decorated walls of the Villa of the Mysteries just outside of Pompeii. Now on
to the next series!
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