Still Life 1985

18” x 24” x 1.5"

Smalti, 40 lbs, 2021



“Still Life 1985” is a contemporary ‘take’ on a Renaissance-like work that reflects the year 1985. Classic subject matter in art like this might have included a dead goose or a sliced apple. Instead the highlight of this piece is a pair of Air Jordan 1s. Released in 1985, the sneakers are now coveted by many and are crazy expensive. Classic. The onion on the right is a nod to the city where Michael Jordan played most of his career. Chicago was named after a stinky onion or something similar.




MM5 IG.jpg

Memento Mori 5

16” x 20” x 1.5"

Marble and Smalti, 30 lbs, 2021



The 5th installment of the "Memento Mori" series deals with all the binge watching going on as this pandemic drags on. "I'm watching only one more episode then I have to get to bed!" Covid-19 gave me the opportunity to finally watch the entire "Breaking Bad" series (which ended in 2013!) The Latin phrase means "Remember you

must die". But please, not before watching the finale.

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