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bachor, contemporary ancient mosaics, Chicago

Included in Timeout Chicago's list of the city's greatest public art.

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"Cheers 2020!" signed & numbered limited edition print

"Cheers 2020!" signed & numbered limited edition print


11" x 14" prints (edition of 50)

16" x 20" prints (edition of 25)

Pick up your copy of this new print ~ hand embellished with a shot glass stain of actual Malört liquor! This makes each print unique! This year has been unbelievable right? Emmiright?! What better liquor to 'celebrate' 2020 than Malört? Not familiar with it? Here's one quote about the liquor: "The most disgusting liquor of all time." Get yours! It's printed on 100% cotton rag watercolor stock, acid-free, 255 gsm and is archival quality.

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    100% cotton rag watercolor stock
    255 gsm
    archival quality
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