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sugar smacks, mosaic, bachor

Sugar Smacks

18” x 24”


Marble and Smalti 



The fifth installment of the ”Jentaculum” series 

is based on a cereal I ran across a few times

while researching this series. It took awhile for it to sink in how awesome this 1969 box of Sugar Smacks really is. While this cereal is a little more mainstream of a brand than I prefer for the series, the endorsement of Spock takes it over the top for me. One of the more interesting things going on in this piece is the background – it’s based on a fresco discovered in the “House

of the Golden Bracelet” in Pompeii. Those heads you see dangling at the top of the piece are actually theater masks that Pompeians used

to decorate their gardens – possibly to ward

off birds.


Chicago, artist, potholes, pothole art, pothole mosaics, mosaics, mosaic, fine art mosaics, mosaic artist, contemporary mosaics, jim bachor, bachor

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