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perpetual toilet paper cropped IG.jpg

Perpetual Toilet Paper

8” x 8”


Smalti, Marble, Gold

Edition of 5

sold out

The "Perpetual" series is revisited yet again with the timely "Perpetual Toilet Paper" ~ the 6th piece in the campaign. It's an edition of 5. You'll never run out of toilet paper again with this piece in your house. 20% of proceeds will go to artists in need during these unusual times. Signed and numbered on the back. Each piece is set in a custom black metal box. The technique is pretty abusive to the materials I use so none of the pieces are ‘pristine’ ~ that’s what makes it a mosaic and not a photograph or print. Hopefully in a year or so we'll look back and laugh at this piece. Hopefully. A friend suggested an alternate title "Sacred Scroll" ~ that might be better!
Wash your hands.

Chicago, artist, potholes, pothole art, pothole mosaics, mosaics, mosaic, fine art mosaics, mosaic artist, contemporary mosaics, jim bachor, bachor

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